St. John’s Prep iPad Pilot Video and Panel Discussion

For those of you who missed the opening prayer during last Friday’s professional day, Beth Forbes and I put together a brief video to showcase some of the work this semester’s iPad Pilot teachers (Annie Burridge, Dale Bryant, Susan Bavaro, and Stephanie Giglio) have been doing in their classes. You can watch the video above, or simply go to and search for “SJP iPad Pilot”.

Following Shelly Tochluk’s presentation on Witnessing Whiteness, the pilot teachers (Elizabeth Solomon, Mark McManmon, Br. Bob Flaherty, Dale Bryant, Stephanie Giglio, and Susan Bavaro – Annie was off campus) assembled in Campus Ministry without about 30 of our colleagues to discuss the iPad program, technical issues they and their students have experienced in class over the semester, and some of the rationale for going 1:1. Thanks to everyone who participated. The group received some very thought-provoking questions from the crowd, and offered candid, insightful responses in return. Topics ranged from specific apps, to going paperless, to issues with wireless, to shifts in pedagogy. It was a fantastic discussion!


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