Changes Coming to Google Forms

Google just announced that it is doing some major upgrades to Google Forms.  For those of you who have used forms in the past, you’ll notice some feature enhancements, including the ability to copy text from a bulleted or numbered list, and paste it directly into a multiple choice or checkbox answer set.  Google has also added a collaboration feature – the sidebar chat – to the forms editor.  Now you can create a form collaboratively, or have your students work on a survey together asynchronously.  Finally – and this will be big for some – you can now choose to store your survey responses in either a spreadsheet (the way Google Forms has done all along), or within the form itself, under the “Summary of responses” feature (found under the “Responses” menu when editing a form).

For a run down on some of the new features, check out this post on the Google Drive Blog: http:/​/​​2013/​01/​google-forms-refreshed.html

For more information on Google Forms, inlcuding creating and editing a form, sharing the form with collaborators, and sending a form to respondents, check out Google’s extensive documentation – it’s actually pretty good.




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